Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1…How do you make your money if you offer a FREE service?

Answer – We cover our costs by selling each promotion to consumers for $60.00. Curranspacards sales team are provided with wireless terminals which accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Debit or Cash payment for your promotion.

Q #2….Why don’t you sell promotions online?

Answer – We launched our website in 2012 and sold over 3,000 promotions online. However, our returning 1 x 2 x and 3 x clients noticed a complete difference between online customers vs. customers purchasing promotions from our Curranspacards sales team. Our clients’ feedback was “online customers were money saving coupon clippers”, while customers whom redeemed promotions from our sales team were “upgrading to haircut and color for $162.00”. So, we decided to take off online buying in 2013.

Q #3…How many promotions do you sell?

Answer – You can choose 150, 175 or 200 promotions sold. On average, most of our clients will choose 175 promotions sold throughout their market trading area.

Q #4…Where does your sales team sell promotions?

Answer – Our personal face-to-face approach markets your business and brand to attract consumers at their place of business or upper income home neighborhoods. Bringing a face and voice to the consumer makes it real and leads to your customer base growing your spa and salon.

Q #5…How many visits can we expect to come back to our business?

Answer – Typically with 175 promotions sold you can expect 50-60% of promotions will be redeemed. Also, each redeemed promotion will be used on average 3-4 visits.

Q #6…When can you start promoting our business?

Answer – Typically, our promotions will be throughout your market trading area, within one to two weeks of your approval and customer response begins almost immediately.